Deals That You Are Not Supposed To Know About

Everyone likes a great deal – it makes shopping much more satisfying. Sometimes we learn about secret deals from our best friends who work at a particular corporation or through mailings via the Internet.  While stores and businesses make it a priority not to expose these deals to the public, the average shopper can save hundreds with this savvy knowledge. ‘

Ditch Extended Warranties

Extended warranties can be purchased on everything from appliances and computers to exercise equipment and automobiles. Once the manufacturer’s standard warranty expires, anything that needs to be repaired is up to you, unless you buy an extended warranty. These extensions cover the repair costs, and sometimes items the manufacturer didn’t cover, for a period of typically 2-5 years from the date of purchase.

Customers have 30 days after they purchase to make a decision to buy the extended warranty. The secret is that if you paid for the item with your credit card, you may be able to get the manufacturer’s warranty extended automatically!  Visa calls this program the “Warranty Manager Service,” while Mastercard calls theirs an “extended warranty.”  Just read the fine print and the terms of the warranty, and you may never need to purchase an extended warranty again.

Gym Memberships

If you are more likely to go work out at the gym near your home than your office, obtain a membership good for one location only. Health club reps won’t reveal this money saving tip because they want you to sign up for the full monthly fee, as if you will visit all of the locations.
Another tip is to collect free visits from your friends or family members who have gym memberships. Gym memberships can be expensive and some don’t offer many amenities, so why pay the premium?  If you want a membership, try a little old-fashioned price comparison and see what kind of deal you can get. Research what other gyms are charging and try to get a reasonable deal.

Retail Deals

Getting a deal in retail stores is tricky, but there are ways to haggle for a great deal without anyone knowing. First, you should always speak to a manager, owner or supervisor because they are the decision makers. If you can handle an imperfect item like a blouse, then seek them out for a discount. If a sweater is missing a button or a shirt is missing a belt, ask for a sales price. Stores usually have a standard discount policy in place if the product is damaged.

Also ask the salesclerk for store coupons or inquire about visitor discount cards for out-of-town shoppers.  However, keep in mind that you may need to show proof that you are a visitor, but stop by any Macy’s, as they offer these coupons to tourists.
If you know about a particular sale at a certain department store or online and happen to be at another one, ask if they can beat the online or competitor’s price. Most consumers always assume that if there’s a sale, then that’s the final price you pay – but with price-matching competition, you may save even more.

Grocery Deals

The supermarket is a deal paradise if you push your shopping cart right. Who knew that the sheer size of your purchase could give you a deal?  If you have a large family and need an oversized amount of produce for example, try asking the manager if you can receive a discount if you bought all of the apples and bananas that were displayed.  Likely they want to get rid of it before the produce goes bad. The idea is that the more you buy of the same item, the more you should save – inquire about a discount. And don’t fall into the grocer’s advertised price. Research your own good deals in the store.

Another good deal to look out for is the store’s newsletter. They won’t necessarily announce that they have a newsletter, but it’s well worth the time to sign up. They often have special store coupons that you can only get if you have a store discount card. Don’t be fooled by the buy one get one free sale. Just buy one product and you’ll enjoy that half off – plus an additional discount if you have a coupon. In fact, the item could end up being free.

Some people don’t get deals or discounts because they don’t ask. If a profit is being made for the business, they should be able to accommodate you with a reasonable offer.

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