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Publishished: June 13th, 2011

What You MUST Know Before Conducting
A Reverse Phone Lookup...

By, Joe Harmin
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Editor: Joe Harmin

If you’ve discovered a strange phone number on your cell phone, phone bill, or Called I.D. and would like to find out who owns it, the easiest way to do it is by using a Reverse Phone Lookup Directory. These services make it easy to track down the name and address of almost anyone in no time, with almost zero effort on your part.

You see, the name and address behind every phone number is stored on databases now easily accessible through the internet… and it’s perfectly legal to access this information.

 The only difficult part to getting this information is finding a reputable reverse phone directory.

I say "reputable" because sadly there really are just few reverse phone lookup directories on the internet that actually contain complete and accurate information. Many of the "others" will only give you information such as the location of the area code or in some cases... the wrong information all together. Not good!

How do we know? Here at Reverse Phone Guide we make it our mission to protect you, the consumer, from wasting your hard-earned money on products and services that just don’t deliver. We've gone to great lengths to put these services to the test... and determine once and for all which of these programs provide the most complete and accurate results…

background checks Evaluated

The way we evaluate each service is simple: We test, test, than test some more. After rigorously testing every reverse phone service we could get our hands on (39 in all), We looked up 100 commercial, residential, cell, and unlisted phone numbers on each (that’s 400 numbers total).

This was the only way we could be sure were bringing you the absolute best on the entire internet. (It's a bold statement, but if you knew full depth of our research you'd understand. We don't reveal all our methods due to the fact that some reverse phone service may actually tweak their systems just to pass our test.)

It seems our research did not go to waist! Most of the services we tested failed to provide us with ANY of the results they claimed. In fact it was so bad, it was almost like many services simply transferd your search to a white pages search! If you do use a reverse phone look up service, make sure you do not use anything not listed here.

Now, even though most services we reviewed were nothing short of scams, we did manage to find a few that truly did give us the information they claimed. A few services were able to give us the exact name, and full contact info of everyone we looked up.

When we tried it out we were quite shocked, each time we put in a phone number, it came back with perfectly correct information everytime. It was almost like magic. We would simple put in a phone number with no other information, the program would do a search that usually took less than 10 seconds (this varies with your internet connection), than, full contact info pops up on the screen.

It truly was quite amazing.


Top Choice:

Phone Detective

5 Stars


Reverse Phone Detective Results

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Top Pick For 2011
Overall Top Choice Reverse Phone Detective


Phone Detective is the program that was able to instantly give us the full name, and exact address of everyone we typed in. It not only worked for residential, but each cellular phone number also came back with perfectly accurate results - This was amazing because it's the only service that was able to do this for all the different carriers.

That said, if you need to find out who owns a phone number with nearly 100% accuracy, this is definitely the service to use. Sign up with Reverse Phone Detective now… you won’t be disappointed.


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Reverse Phone Lookup Rating

Reverse Moblie Results

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Reverse Phone Guide's
Second Choice
Reverse Cell Phone Service 2nd Pick

Reverse Mobile comes in at a close second. This service, though not as thorough as Reverse Phone Detective, still has one of the largest, most accurate databases around.

The speed of Reverse Mobile is second to none. Within seconds of typing in the number in question you will see results. It’s great if you need to find multiple listing in one session. But if it's dead on accuracy you're looking for, we still recommend you go with Reverse Phone Detective instead.

As a bonus you'll get access to some criminal, civil, background, and name search records. Not to bad as a bonus, but that's what it is… a bonus if you want those types of records I recommend you use a site that specializes in just those types of records.

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Reverse Phone Lookup Rating

Reverse Records Test Results

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Reverse Cell Phone Service 3nd Pick


Reverse Records is a great site in the fact that this service offers reports with far more than just a phone number.

With Reverse Records you can use either a license plate number, email address, or phone number to find the records you're looking for.

The only down side to this service is the results. Some of the information offered may have been sacrificed for the alternative search options.

I would only recommend this service if you need to find someone based on their license plate or email address. But, if that's all you have to go off of, go with this service.

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Our Commitment To You

We have personally tested each one of the products and services we recommend to be sure you will receive the service you deserve. Should your experience with one of our recommended merchants ever be less than satisfactory, please let us know immediately, so that we may contact the vendor on your behalf to reach a resolution. Simply send an email to detailing the problem, being sure to include your full name, contact information, and purchase details

Have you had a great experience with a reverse phone directory? If so, we would love to hear about it! Please send us an email at with the details. Your feedback helps to make a better source of information for everybody, and we appreciate it!

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